Monday, February 19, 2007

What we're up to

The bridal fair is done.  And I must say it was very
exciting!  I got to meet lots of new people who had never heard of
my store.  I hope to see them again!  Thanks to all of our
regulars who stopped by to say hi and a special thanks to Diana Anderson
with Arbonne who directed lots of people to our booth with her
enthusiasm for the projects we had displayed.  Everyone was excited
about the paper roses (look for a class in March) and they loved the
Envelopments invitation ideas and our die cut boxes.  Did you know
we have over 50 die cuts of boxes, bags, file folders, flowers &
more?  And we have a 4 inch alphabet upper case & lower case
that I just adore!  It's great for monograms...and lots, lots
more!  We have our display set up at the store so if you need a
party idea, wedding idea or just something to start your imagination,
stop on by & check it out!

Tomorrow is my tax day.  I actually can't wait.  I love
getting ready for taxes.  Sick, I know.  But I get butterflies
in my when you drive over big dips in the road. 
They're gone after taxes...but it's kinda fun! 

On Wednesday, I'm getting a 2007 Small Business Success Award from
the Small Business Development Center.  I'm pretty excited for
that, too!  I had the most amazing business counselor, Rick
Leibowitz, who encouraged me and taught me to believe in myself. 
Rick has since moved to New Jersey to open a bagel store but will be
coming to see me get my award...and bring me bagels!  The ceremony
is at the Heard Museum in Phoenix...I've never been there before. 
We have to get dressed up...well, business clothes...which meant a
shopping trip for Audra & I because all I wear are yoga
clothes.  Thank you Rick!

1 comment:

  1. Yup - you are a dork for enjoying tax day! Hee hee hee. Thank you for
    the chance to join you for CAKE on Saturday. I really did have a great
    time! I hope that everyone continues to sing your creative praises -
    and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your award! I knew you would be a smashing
    success - even if I won't let you sleep in the back of the store!