Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Is is February already?

I love Valentine's Day.  That & Halloween are my FAVORITE
holidays.  I seem to order lots of products for both of these very
fun holidays...lots & lots of products!  Right now, we have the
most adorable Valentine's paper.  I've used it on several projects
and have had to order it 3 times...honestly, we don't ever re-order to order it 3's darn cute!  And then we
have these chipboard shapes from Making Memories.  They are dirt
cheap...just $1.00...and make the cutest little Valentines!  This
Wednesday, our sale is 20% off all Valentine's Day stuff. 
 Stop by for some great deals & Valentine's Day inspiration!

I've had several inquires about Envelopments invitations today. 
Enough of them that I'll post a link to their website.  We are
authorized retailers for them but you can check out their projects on
their website.  Very cool stuff!  We're participating in the
Northern Arizona Wedding Expo on February 17th and thought we'd
incorporate their invitations into our booth.  I just love the
possibilities!  If you get a chance, stop by & check out our
booth...we have discount coupons at the store.

Again, I have to say, the trade show was a blast!  I was lucky
to be able to go with  2 of my best friends.  We had soooo
much fun!  By the way, I did ride the Tower of Terror.  I
didn't want to.  I did it for my friend.  The things I do for
my friends.  Jeez!  I was totally terrified, but I didn't cry
this time.  Rachel did though.  And she apologized profusely
for putting me through it.  My husband thinks we're a couple of
babies....he loves that ride!  I don't feel the need to ever do it

So, they have the coolest thing at Disneyland.  They have these
staff photographers that are all over the place.  When they take
your picture they hand you a photo pass.  On day 2 at the park, we
decided we'd let the photographers take our picture every time we saw
them.  Then when you're done, you can either buy some of the
pictures or you can have them put on a disk.  So we have 30
professional pictures on a CD....for $100.  That's a steal! 
If you buy just 1 photo it's $13 bucks...not a deal...but to have the
CD?  That's awesome!  All I can say is I wish we would have
figured that out on day 1...obviously it's not worth it to buy it for 1
or 2 pictures...but for 30?  You betcha!

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