Friday, February 16, 2007

Bridal Fair

Audra & I just set up the booth at the Bridal Fair.  I am
sooo happy!  I have some super talented gals working for me! 
And Audra, she's just FANTASTIC!  Thank you! 

Here's a picture of what we've done.114_2484 
 We used pictures from my brother & his wife's wedding. 
Aren't they just a beautiful couple?  Love them both a bunch! 

Hope you get some fun ideas from our ideas for the  Bridal
Fair...let us know if you want to recreate anything & we'll help you

My mom made these beautiful paper roses....we'll have a class on them....they're amazing!114_2485


The blue back drop was not my idea....came with the booth.  114_24851

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