Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

Let me tell you a little about About Memories and More.  We are a
scrapbook store located in Flagstaff, AZ.  Our store sells
scrapbook supplies but that is jst the tip of the iceberg.  We have
all sorts of things for card makers & paper crafters, too. 
 And we have an amazing staff of talented gals.

My name is Kirsten and I'm the owner.  I was thinking the other
day that it would be fun to start a blog.  I have so many things to
share and frankly,  I didn't want to inundate your email boxes
with emails everytime I thought of something.  So I'm hoping to use
this blog to share all the stuff floating around in my head.  And
in the heads of my very talented staff.

This is me (in the green dress), with my best friend Audra.  We
were at her step daughters wedding...we don't just go around posing for
beautiful pictures.  Usually, we look pretty bad.  When you
get up at 4:45 am to go for a walk in 15 degree snowy weather, you don't
look so pretty.  The people at Starbucks are generally shocked by
our uncombed hair and make up running down our faces.  And we
usually smell like dogs.  Quite a sight!

I am hopeful that my dear friend Rachel will help me make this a
truly killer looking blog.  I know just enough to get hurt. 
So check back often.  We'll have pictures, links, classes, and
general rants enough to entertain you!


  1. Had to write myself a note while driving after seeing you at New
    Frontiers yesterday to remember to find the blog and post a message.
    Congratulations on this new project. I look forward to posing around
    town with you for more beautiful photos!

  2. woohoo! we are going to have so much fun with this! can't wait until the