Wednesday, January 31, 2007

California Adventures

Where did the sun go?  It's a little overcast today, but I hear it's snowing in Flagstaff, so I'll take the clouds here!

We have found so many beautiful things that will be showing up at the
store!  There are entire lines from Heidi Grace & Cloud 9 to
make you scrapbooking effortless.  And the new Making Memories is
very fun!  They have lots of fun Easter & Spring.  Here
are some others that will be showing up soon:  Anna Griffin, Deja
Views, Heidi Swapp, Cosmo Cricket, Scenic Route, Fancy Pants, Font
Werks, K & Company, Sugar Tree, Carol Wilson, Creative Imaginations,
O'Scrap, Autumn Leaves and MORE! 

The show has been fun, but it's lots of hard work.  It's not
physical labor, well, unless you count the miles & miles you walk
everyday lugging huge catalogs, but it's mentally draining. 
Imagine a shopping trip to the mall where you wanted everything but only
had so much in your budget.  And then you over spent your budget
by 1/3.  No returns here!  It really is fun though. 
We've met Heidi Swapp (she remembered me from her store visit), Tim
Holtz, Elsie Flannigan (she's adorable), saw Donna Downey...she's very
fun!  Actually, lots of the artists were here but they are so
unassuming, that you don't realize your in the presence of

Oh, and I musn't forget, Martha Stewart.  She was funny, 
down to earth, and poked fun at herself.  She has a new line coming
out from EK Success in the next year or so.  I happen to love her
stuff.  My dear friend Audra and I are addicted to her magazines
and website.  We've ordered her Martha by Mail craft kits & I
have a storage cabinet of hers that I LOVE!  So to see her whole
new planned line...and her...was amazing!  I think that she will
broaden the scrapbooking and crafting industry as a whole.  I'm not
supposed to talk about her products yet...but an 18x18

I started getting sick on Sunday and Rachel started getting sick on
Tuesday.  Now it's Wednesday & we're a wreck.  So we're
going to skip the show today & go back to Disneyland.  Cannot
wait!  I'll post a picture of Disneyland soon.  We are going
to order the disk that they sell at the park.  it's wildly
expensive ($100) but their photographers are WONDERFUL! 

Let me back track a bit.  We went to Disneyland and California
Adventure on Friday.  It was SO   FUN!  Lyn &
Rachel hadn't been there since Rachel was a kid & since Lyn's kids
were little.  I was there a few years ago so it was all
familiar.  First we went on Indiana Jones...LOVE IT!  I love
it when it looks like you're going to get run over by a huge boulder and
then the jeep backs up and you go UNDER the boulder.  LOVE
that!  Then we did the Enchanted Tiki Room.  Very 196o's but
so very cute to have the little birdies the tiki
room...  Then we did Pirates of the Carribean.  I like that
ride, but I thought that when they re did it that it would be
better.  There were 3 Johnny Depps in it that I saw.  Will
have to go back today & see if there are more.  Then we did Big
Tunder Mountain.  Rachel & I screamed & threw our hands up
in the air.  LOVE that!  And Space Mountain to the Red Hot
Chili Peppers?  AMAZING!  That was our longest wait...45
minutes.  Everything else was 5-10 minutes. 

Now for California Adventure..when I came with my family I rode the
Hollywood Tower of Terror.  Scared me so bad I almost peed my
pants.  So when it came time for Soarin Over California I said no
way.  Well, this time I went on it.  There are signs up along
the way that say this ride is not for you if you're scared of
heights.  I am deathly afraid of's no wonder the tower
ride scared me.  But I ignored the signs.   Well, the
ride is amazing.  It's an IMAX kind of thing but it SCARED THE
LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME...which Lyn & Rachel found
hysterical.  Now, I cannot walk into Sam's Club and look at the
ceiling without getting woozy.  OH MY GOSH was I scared.  On a

Ok, then we got to see the High School Musical Pep Rally.  Now
that's fun.  I have to tell you I'm almost 40 years old & I am a
teenage movie freak.  Love them.  And my daughter is 12 so I
have all sorts of reasons to watch High School Musical over and
over.  I know all the songs by heart.  The pep rally was so
fun!  What a geek I am!

It's time to get ready for another adventure!


  1. Hi K, So neat you have a blog; I really like your store---I was just
    reading Ali's page and saw CHA and then received your email message re
    you starting your new blog---so, it is still snowing but you are
    probably home by now. Looks like you had a blast in Cal. Thanks for the
    pix from CHA--can't wait to see the new products.

  2. Looks like LOADS of fun! Maybe some day I can join you at CHA! Too bad
    you and Rachel got sick, but I am sure Disneyland was super - even
    sick! Perhpas this summer I can join you when you return, but could we
    stay at the Grand California? I'll even let you stay in my room if you
    want . . . I hear the bar calling our names