Wednesday, December 31, 1969

Winter Wonderland

(click on the flyer to make it bigger)

We'll be participating in the Winter Wonderland sponsored by the City
of Flagstaff on Friday, December 3rd....the day before Santa comes to
About Memories & More!  We'll be making crafts in the nice,
toasty library!  Hope you'll come & see us!


  1. Seeing the photos from breakfast, makes me wish we could have eaten
    there again this morning!

  2. I like your "non-scrapbook" notes! I'm trying to remember your
    recommendations where to go if we ever happen to go out to breakfast!!!
    And it also reminds me I need to get down the kids' favorite memories
    from our recent adventure, even if I don't get them "scrapbooked" till
    they're 30!