Wednesday, December 31, 1969

Jail Birds to Love Birds

Apparently, you can't post a comment like "I met my husband in jail"
without a lot of people wondering, "What?!"  Go figure.  So
here's the deal (the Pioneer Woman, I am not, so this is short &

I met Don the summer of 1989.  I had just graduated NAU with a
degree in Criminal Justice & was elated to be working at the
Coconino County Jail as a Detention Officer (nope, it wasn't a desk
job).  In the beginning I really loved that job (it was the
graveyard shift that I did NOT love).  I loved the camaraderie with
the other DO's, Deputies & Police Officers...I loved the
training...I loved being in the criminal justice system but not being IN
it (like an inmate, know what I mean?).  I would see him quite
often at work, well, because he was arresting people all the time. 
We struck up a harmless flirtation that progressed into something
more.  We had our first "date" September 14, 1989.  In a
patrol car.  Don't laugh.  We rode around during his shift,
talking & getting to know one another (and arresting people). 
Even had dinner at "LaBamba"...a long gone Mexican food
restaurant.  That was it.  I was hooked!  I knew he was
the one for me & that we'd get married.  Yep.  On our
first date I knew.  In the early days I did ride alongs (as a
civilian observer) all the time.  It was a  lot of fun, quite
honestly...anyone can do it...just go to the police department &
ask.  Two years later we were married....3 years after that we had
Kendall.  It's been 19 years since we met & we're still livin'
the dream (he loves to say that).   Our 17 year wedding
anniversary is September 21st.  And you know what?  It just
gets better & better!  And yes, that uniform rocks!  LOVE

I don't think we ever had pictures taken of us together in our here's a sketch we had done at the county fair a year
after we started dating:


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  1. Great story, but darn - here I was thinking that's what a girl should do
    in order to meet a great guy - get in jail, instead of trying to stay
    out! Think the mystery part of "met my husband in jail" could have gone
    on a little longer, never know what comments might have been posted!