Wednesday, December 31, 1969

Have a happy weekend!

Did I just dream that it was spring time...almost summer time?  Not typical weather, for sure!



And this isn't typical behavior for my husband...mind you it's 9:15
am...he's walked 5 miles, taken me to breakfast, to Sam's Club...and I
get out of the shower to find this...

P1040131 Out cold.  All 3 of them.  Must be nice.

My daughter has been gone at camp since Wednesday morning.  She
comes back today.   Don & I took advantage of her absence
& went to the movies last night.  Saw Whatever Happens in Vegas
(I think that's what it's called).  He LOVED it.  It was
funny, but I wouldn't say I loved it.  It's worth seeing,
though.  We are preparing to see Indiana Jones on Sunday.  I
cannot wait!  We have been watching the first 3 over the last few
days.  Ok.  Let's be honest.  I watched #3 on
Sunday.  Don watched 1 & 2 on Saturday....while I watched PS I
Love You.  (which, I LOVED, but I sobbed as much as I did in the
theater...and sobbing is an understatement).  So tonight I'm
rushing home to watch 1 & 2.  Maybe try out that new Wii
Fit.  A little scared of it though. 

A few things I'd like to leave you with over the long weekend:

Ali Edwards posted about the LOVE book she made (featured in the May Creating Keepsakes).  FYI, we have those books in stock.

I had this idea that it would be fun to be a tourist in your own
town.  Make a mini book out of the photos of your favorite
spots....great for anyone coming to visit you!  Can't wait to do

Here's a page I made this morning with new stuff from Rouge de Garance:


The chipboard letters are from American Crafts.  I'm sure it
could have more stuff on it, but frankly, easy is good.  And my
husband is totally amazing.  There really wasn't anything more I
wanted to add to it.



And lastly, let's have a contest.  Leave a comment to
this post about your favorite scrapbooking tip...what gets you through a
page...what gets your creativity started...what moves you to
scrapbook.  On Tuesday I'll draw a random number & the winner
will receive an EK Success Circle Cutter Template Set & Cutter 

PS Typepad made some changes to how we post...I haven't figured out the bugs....but I'll get it fixed...promise!


  1. Ali Edwards' site motivates me to scrapbook. She makes it look so simple
    and GOOD - my "simple" pages never turn out looking as good as hers.
    I like reading yours too. It got me motivated to start putting my photos
    (and layouts when I happen to get one done) in the great binders and
    sleeves mentioned in the previous post!

  2. I find I do my best work where I won't get distracted. I like to get
    away from the house. I seem to get more done when I keep it simple.

  3. I seem to only be able to scrapbook when the house is completely empty
    for a few days, and that is when I can make a mess and make some head
    way. I like what I get done, but it never seems to be enough time.