Wednesday, December 31, 1969

Change is in the air...

Seems like every time you turn on the news, open a paper, or turn on
the internet, you're bombarded with news that our economy stinks. 
We're feeling it in our smaller paychecks, increased costs at the
grocery store...everywhere.  Businesses all over the
country are having a hard time.  And you know, we're no
exception.  Things are tough at the store, I'm not going to kid
you.  And sometimes I get sucked into this whole world of
gloom & doom...don't we all?  But here's the thing...scrapbooking is what is keeping me sane
Seriously.  I'm spending more time looking at my family
photos...remembering all the good times we have....notice I
didn't say had...because we're still having good times
& I'm still taking a bazillion photos.  I'm making more
cards...when was the last time you sent a friend or family member a
card because you were thinking about them?  And I'm enjoying the
process.  Creating is fun!  It's's fun to do it
with my family... and you know what?  I'd like for you
to enjoy it, too!  Don't get caught up in all the drama in the
news.  Get caught up in your those boxes of those photos on your computer!  Scrapbook with your
kids...let them tell their story, too!  Don't scrapbook every's just not possible!  (Yes, a scrapbook store just told
you not to scrapbook every photo...and I mean it!)  Click here to read about how I scrapbook's a fantastic system & it's working for a lot of people!  It's not a sales's my reality.

We have a great attitude about scrapbooking & we're here to help
you.  We want to make scrapbooking as easy for you as
possible.  And to better help you we're making some changes
around the store.  Change is hard for everyone involved, but it's
good!  We promise!  (Make sure to read to the end because the
last thing I tell you is pretty fabulous!)

  • We'll be sending out fewer emails each month...just 1-2 times a month...who has time to read them once a week?  Not me!

  • The email content is changing, too...they'll be
    full of tips & techniques to help you with your projects (so if
    you have a tip or technique you want me to share, shoot me an email
    & we'll add it to the list!) tips...scrapbooking....card just never know!

  • We're starting a refer a friend program...refer
    someone new to About Memories & More & we'll reward you with
    free crops! For every 3 new friends you refer to us, we'll give you a
    free Midnight Madness of your choosing! (they have to be new to us...aka
    not in our system) We'll be happy to give you cards to pass out to your
    friends :)

  • Once a month 2 customers will get an opportunity to be a guest designer for the month
    What does that mean for you?  If you're a guest designer, you get a
    bag filled with products to create with...all you have to do is let us
    display your creations for 60 days & then you get your project
    back...and it costs you nothing!  If you're interested in being a
    guest designer for September, email me ASAP!

  • Midnight Madness is more fun for you & more fun
    for us when it's jam packed with beginning in September,
    we're going to have just two Midnight Madness's a month.  Here
    are the upcoming dates:  September 11th & 18th, October 9th
    & 23rd, November 6th & 20th, December 4th & 11th
    .  It's not too soon to sign up!

Thursday make-n-takes for a buck are moving to Wednesdays beginning Wednesday, September 2nd and and projects will be available from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm (or as long as supplies last).
  • Our class schedule is expanding!  We have two teachers from Phoenix coming to teach:  Ann Corbiere-Scott on September 19th (she'll be teaching a class called "Lots of Layouts") and Caroline Miller in October,
    teaching a Halloween Mini Book.  And our very own Mindy Fisher
    will be teaching more, too!  Mindy's class are fabulous!  If
    you haven't tried her, you're missing out!  Seriously!

  • And I've saved the best for last!  Beginning September 1st, we're starting a segment on the blog & in the store called "30 Pages in 30 Days"
    The idea is that we'll post 1 page per day with instructions on how to
    make that page.  The pages will take under 30 minutes and you can
    use supplies you have on hand.  We'll sell a limited number of kits
    in the store if you want to make the page exactly like we did,
    too!  Then, sometime in October, we'll have a free Saturday
    Midnight Madness for everyone who participated to show off your 30
    creations!  (if lots of you participate, then we'll have more than
    one crop to celebrate!)  Didn't finish the pages?  That's
    ok!  It'll be a time to catch up!  Here's a sneak peek of the
    page for September 1st: DSC_0152

    Super easy!  And best of all do-able!  We hope you're as excited about the changes as we are!


    1. Kirsten - This sounds awesome and, well, happy. I can't wait to see all
      of the pages you come up with and I might just have to get my butt in
      gear and do them.

    2. Wow! This is a lot to take in, but exciting too. I'm super excited
      about the 30 days thing, cannot wait to get started with that. Oh, and
      I'd like to be a guest designer at some point if you'll have me...though
      September feels like it's a zooming in a little soon (;

    3. 30 pages in 30 days? Now THAT's a challenge! Can't wait to see who will
      be guest designers and what they create! hpk


    5. I think I need a challenge like that. I'll have to get organized, and
      basically ditto what Jamie said above...

    6. Your thoughts and honesty are refreshing. I'm excited and am ready for
      the challenge! You are a wonderful role model!

    7. Kirsten - my heart skipped a beat at your title "Change...", then again
      when I read the first paragraph about things at the store being tough. I
      immediately imagined the worst. I know I'm not alone when I say that
      I'm glad AMM is here; we are so lucky to live in a city the size of
      Flagstaff and have access to ALL the latest scrapbooking supplies
      through your store. I appreciate all you do to keep things fresh, and
      this latest group of ideas is no exception. Can't wait to do the 30
      pages in 30 days. Bring it!! :)

    8. Wow...lots of exciting things! I was interested in that website you use
      for printing your pictures. I use Shutterfly which is okay so I can't
      wait to check it out.
      And I will definitely be checking back for the 30 pages! Can't wait to
      see what you come up with...and loved the new page protectors for 4x6
      photos...acually I think I just loved this whole email! Lots of great

    9. Wow!!! That title scared me...
      But I love the 30 pages in 30 days...just in time for my personal goal
      to work on the Grandkid's scrapbooks every day that I am at home.
      Thanks for the inspiration.

    10. You go girls! You are always so creative, innovative and on top of your
      Hope to see you tomorrow :P
      Yes I need to get my creative mojo back, lol